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Population dynamics model for plasmid bearing and plasmid lacking cells for streptokinase production in continuous flow stirred tank bioreactor

P Kumar, S Ghosh


Streptokinase production in bioreactor is well associated to cell population dynamics. It is an established fact that two types of cell populations are found to emerge from the initial pool of recombinant cell population. This phenomenon leads to an undesired loss in yield of the product. Primary metabolites, like acetic acid etc are formed as by-product of metabolism, has its influential role in regulating the competitive and inhibitory dynamics. Metabolites are found to play a crucial role since their threshold amount is assumed to promote the formation of plasmid lacking cells. On the other hand probability of plasmid loss has shown to follow a variable trend in the model dynamics. In this study a process model with coupled differential equations is designed to reveal the interaction among various parameters.

Keywords: streptokinase, bioreactor, primary metabolites, plasmid loss, computer simulation, model dynamics

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