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Thermal analysis of externally pressurised step bearing including centrifugal inertia effect for a bubbly lubricant

SS Gautam, S Quamar, MK Ghosh


A numerical study has been done for externally pressurized circular step thrust bearing lubricated with incompressible fluid
with finely dispersed air bubbles taking into consideration the variation in lubricant physical properties due to temperature and
pressure variation in the fluid film. Effect of misalignment / tilt and coning on cavitations region has also been investigated. The
air bubbles are seen to improve the pressure distribution. It also reduces cavitations domain that occurs because of the
centrifugal inertia force. Load carrying capacity is seen to improve but both mass flow rate and frictional power consumed
decrease. Overall, the presence of air bubble improves the performance of the bearing. It is seen that tilt and coning reduces the cavitations region.

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