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Evaluation of psychological and nutritional interventions for eating disorders in Nigeria: a scoping review


The objective of this scoping review is to map and analyze literature which utilized any kind of psychological or nutritional intervention in treating patients with eating disorders (ED) in Nigeria as well as to assess the effectiveness of such interventions in helping ED patients. This study follows the methodology provided by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) for scoping reviews. A database search of Google Scholar, PubMed, PsychINFO and Cochrane, from where 68 articles were selected using carefully developed search terms. Six studies were finally selected after two reviewers read the full text to ensure they ticked all the boxes stipulated in the inclusion criteria, while other papers were excluded. Findings revealed that psychological and nutritional interventions were used in treating eating disorders in Nigeria, and the interventions proved effective. Findings indicate that anorexia nervosa is the most frequently diagnosed and treated ED in Nigeria. This is because the majority of studies reviewed focused on anorexia nervosa, only two of the studies analysed eating disorders in general, and none of the studies focused on bulimia nervosa. This finding showed that psychological and nutritional interventions have been used to treat various patients in Nigeria, including adolescents, pupils and undergraduates. Findings from this study build on existing research to assert that psychological and nutritional interventions have proven highly effective in treating eating disorders. This is because the majority of eating disorder cases were treated using either or both of these interventions and, in the end, succeeded in helping patients overcome the disorder.

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