International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research

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The Effect of Xylopia Aethiopica Leaves on Body Weight and Growth Performance

BN Obodo, FK Iweka, JO Obhakhan, GP Oyadonghan, GE Agbo


The effect of Xylopia aethiopica leaves on body weight and growth performance was studied on growing Wistar rats. The study involved twenty-four rats of comparable sizes and weights ranging from 150 to 300g and divided into four groups of six rats each. Group A served as the control while groups B, C and D served as the test and received 1.2g, 3.0g and 6.0g per day of Xylopia aethiopica leaves respectively for 21 days. The feed intake and weights of both the test animal and control were monitored weekly. Results showed that during the 21 days of Xylopia aethiopica leaves administrations, the control (Group A) had a greater mean body weight than those of the test groups. On growth performance, the average daily growth increased in the control but decreased in the test groups in a dose dependent manner. On the other hand, the feed conversion rate (FCR) was observed to decrease with time in the control  compared to the test groups where it increased with time. Based on the findings of this study therefore, Xylopia aethiopica may possibly influence body weight and growth performances.

Keywords: Growth, Feed Conversion Rate, Body weight, Xylopia aethiopica, Plants.

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