International Journal of Herbs and Pharmacological Research

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The chemical complexity of Yaji: A Nigerian Suya meat sauce inducing Scientific Investigations

AO Nwaopara, CIP Anibeze, FC Akpuaka, U Akpamu


In various published studies, Yaji has been described as ‘a complex Nigerian meat sauce’ based on its numerous active ingredients. This complexity tag, coupled with the high consumption rate as well as the large consuming population, have triggered a series of research efforts aimed at determining the positive and negative potentials of
Yaji. Currently, there are numerous scientific and analytical reports in this direction. But as revealing as the reports have been, none of them has been dedicated to unveiling the chemical bases upon which Yaji is described as ‘complex’. Therefore, for completeness sake as regards the knowledge on Yaji, this review paper examines its chemical complexity with a view of providing information that would justify the need for the regulation of Yaji production on one hand, and the need for a moderated consumption on the other; considering the chemical interplay that might be associated with an excessive consumption of Yaji.

Key Words: Suya sauce, chemical complexity, excessive consumption, Yaji, Yaji-spices,

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