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Liquisolid tablets: a novel approach for drug delivery

A Karmarkar
I Gonjari
A Hosman
P Dhabal
S Bhis


Liquisolid system is a novel concept of drug delivery
via oral route. This technique is applied to water
insoluble drugs and lipophilic drugs to sustain their
release. Formulation and manufacture of the liquisolid
tablets is quite simple method according to new
mathematical model described by Spireas et al. It
involves dissolving the drug in suitable non-volatile
solvent and then adding this liquid medication to the
mixture of carrier and coating materials. Mixing of this
will lead to liquisolid system which is subjected to
tabletting by direct compression. Increase in
dissolution rate and in turn improvement in bioavailability is observed in case of poorly water soluble drugs. However, sustained effect is achieved in case of water soluble drugs. By use of this technique, liquid medications such as solutions or suspensions of water insoluble drugs in suitable non-volatile liquid vehicles can be easily converted into powder with acceptable flow properties and compression behavior using suitable powder excipients.

Keywords: Dissolution enhancement, Drugs formulation,
Drug release, Liquisolid tablets.

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eISSN: 1596-9819