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Formulation and Evaluation of Ascorbic acid Tablets by Direct Compression using Microcrystalline Starch as a Direct Compression Excipient

YE Apeji, AR Oyi, H Musa


PURPOSE: To evaluate the tableting properties of microcrystalline starch
(MCS) used as a direct compression excipient in the formulation of ascorbic acid tablets and to compare with the properties of tablets produced using microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).
METHODS: MCS was obtained by partial hydrolysis of cassava (Manihot
esculenta Crantz) starch using the enzyme, á-amylase. The hydrolysis was
allowed to proceed for 5 hr under controlled temperature and pH (56 °C, 6). The derived MCS was recovered by filtration after precipitation with
ethanol (95%v/v). Powder properties were investigated and tablets of
ascorbic acid were formulated using MCS and MCC as direct compression
RESULTS: Mechanical properties of tablets formulated with MCS were
comparable to those of MCC. Tablets formulated with MCS disintegrated
within 15 min and gave a 100% release of ascorbic acid within 30 min
compared to MCC which disintegrated after 60 min.
CONCLUSION: MCS can be incorporated as a direct compression excipient in the formulation of heat and/or moisture sensitive drugs by direct

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