African Youth’s ‘Whirl-wind’ Allegiance to Leadership

  • Obediah Dodo
  • Jesca Majaha
Keywords: Political Youth, Development, Allegiance, Leadership, Youth militia, Ideology


Realising that most youth militias in African politics get to a point where they dump their erstwhile leaders for change and new political dispensation, this study sought to explore the dynamics behind and the main factors driving youth abandonment of their political ideologies for new pursuits. The study conducted through desk analysis followed a qualitative path in order to produce descriptive results. It specifically focused on Africa. Manifest Content Analysis was employed to process data. The study established that most leaders create political environments that do not allow independent intellectuals and youth empowerment resulting in youth getting tied to the leaders‟ ideology for hope and survival. Along the way, they are used to protect the leaders‟ continued stay in office. It also established that over time, most youth realise the level of abuse and what any other alternative might offer for their development before they suddenly and permanently switch sides. Often times, the abandonment of these leaders mark their demise politically.

Key words: Political Youth, Development, Allegiance, Leadership, Youth militia, Ideology


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eISSN: 1737-8176
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