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The miraculous dynamism of the Qur’an: An example of a modern reading reveals a DNA designation

Hassen Chaabani


The major miracle of the Qur‟an would reside in its ability to be virtuous, valid and worthwhile for all humans living at all times and everywhere. Here, I propose three major processes which would provide the basis for this dynamism peculiar to the Qur‟an. A detailed example of one of these processes related to the scientific signs is presented. It starts from a verse that can represent a metaphor whereby DNA is designated Salsal (Arabic word refers to the swelling-expanding clay minerals). I have supported this metaphor showing that DNA and swelling-expanding clay minerals have really evident features in common. Moreover I have demonstrated the marvelous analogy that, coupled to this metaphor, permits to test its suitability by specifying that some DNA forms are similar to some potteries. Hence, according to my interpretation, this verse represents a wonderful painting that, elevated to an unusual pinnacle of creation, outlines information at the highest degree of scientific accuracy wearing a dress of superb Arabic rhetorical modes that only the light of knowledge and wisdom can penetrate it. The different research stages on this verse and other related ones show that the dynamic processes in question is not merely a dynamic progressive revelation of scientific signs during successive modern epochs, but also, if deeply analyzed, a dynamic grounding constructive for the scientific research. The present modern reading provides original interpretations based, among other things, on the making and the application of a modern approach that would permit to reach a rigorous academic level in the interpretation of the Qur‟an text in general, and the allegorical verses related to scientific subjects in particular. In conclusion, the present research will advance our understanding on the dynamism of the Qur‟an that should be shaped and implemented by re-reading Qur‟an at all times and everywhere and trying continually to correct previous erroneous interpretations due mainly to a personal and socio-cultural-political influence and/or a limited scientific knowledge of the exegetes at a given epoch.

Keywords: Qur‟an and science, Qur‟an exegesis, Qur‟an dynamism, Rereading the Qur‟an, Thematic interpretation, Metaphor, Marriage organizations, DNA, Clay minerals, Montmorillonite, Features in common, Origin of life, RNA World, Potteries.
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