International Journal of Modern Anthropology

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Balancing material prosperity with spiritual growth for effective Christian citizenship: The case of women of Full Gospel Mission Cameroon

Oben T. Mbuagbo, Robert M. Akoko


It has generally been realized by churches in Cameroon that their role in the public sphere could no longer be narrowly defined by spiritual nourishment of their members. This is especially so in a local and national context of growing poverty and social exclusion, especially of women. This essay seeks to understand why and how women of the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon have recently mobilized local resources and resourcefulness to enhance their socioeconomic welfare. The contribution also explores why broader ideals of the gospel of prosperity embraced by Pentecostal churches in Cameroon have been appropriated and domesticated by women of the church through self-help socioeconomic activities. By getting involved in these activities, not only are women struggling to mitigate the effects of poverty, but also signals an implicit embrace of the ideals of liberation theology that recently emerged in Africa.

Key words: Cameroon, Material Prosperity, Christian Identity, Spiritual Growth, Full Gospel Mission
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