Review Synthetic Article: Sardinian Population (Italy): a Genetic Review

  • CM Calò
  • A Melis
  • G Vona
  • IS Piras
Keywords: genetic markers, genetic structure, Sardinia.


For years the population of Sardinia has been object of numerous studies in the fields of anthropology and population genetics. Researches on genetic structure of Sardinian population, performed with of both classical and DNA markers, revealed an extremely complex picture of the relationships between Sardinian and other Italian and Mediterranean populations, that can be explained by Sardinian’s historical and demographic past. A high degree of internal heterogeneity was also found and it can be attributed first to strict isolation and consequent high levels of endogamy and consanguinity, secondly, to selective factor linked to endemic malaria that influenced the distribution of some gene frequencies. Finally an influence on Sardinian’s biological history could be attributed to the demographic events such as low population density and scant matrimonial movement, which triggered off phenomena of genetic drift. Key Words: genetic markers, genetic structure, Sardinia.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1737-8176
print ISSN: 1737-7374