A comparative study of conservative and surgical management of varicose veins with emphasis on complication and recurrence rate according to the treatment undergone by the patient in Mauritius

  • Uthamalingam Murali
  • Sameer Harsolia
Keywords: Varicose veins, Conservative and surgical management, Complication, Recurrence rate


The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between different complications of varicose veins and  its rate of recurrence with the treatment undergone by the patient in short term. This study was reported for  the first time from Republic of Mauritius. Over a year, a total of 25 patients with primary varicose veins were  included, irrespective of type of treatment they underwent, with special emphasis on complication and recurrence rate of their treatment. In this study 52% of subjects were less than 60 years of age and the  majority of them were male. The presence of diabetes mellitus and the occupation of the patients had no  significant impact on their post-treatment prognosis. Out of 25 patients, 13 were treated surgically while 12  were treated conservatively. Nine patients in total developed some kind of complication on the post-treatment  part. No recurrence was seen in post-surgical patients. This study definitely proved that the  surgical treatment provides symptomatic relief and significant improvement in quality of life in patients referred to secondary care with uncomplicated varicose veins.

KEY WORDS: Varicose veins; Conservative and surgical management; Complication; Recurrence rate


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eISSN: 1694-0423