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Type II perforation of the body of the gallbladder in acalculous cholecystitis: a rare complication of enteric fever

Vipul D. Yagnik


Gallbladder perforation is a rare but potentially life-threatening complication of acute cholecystitis with or without gallstones. Enteric fever leading to small bowel perforation is rare, and gallbladder perforation is extremely rare. It requires early and accurate diagnosis. If left untreated, it is associated with high mortality. Clinical diagnosis is often difficult. The most common site of perforation is the fundus; perforation in the body is rare. We report a case of gallbladder perforation as a complication of enteric fever, which presented as acute abdomen and responded very well after cholecystectomy. Although rare and unusual, this case report shows that gallbladder perforation should be considered in patients presenting with acute abdomen and a history of enteric fever.

Keywords: Enteric fever; Acalculous cholecystitis; Perforation; Cholecystectomy
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