International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems

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Classification of Surface Water Sources in Imo State, for Irrigation Purposes, with Respect to Salinity and Sodicity

CN Madubuike


Surface water sources such as lakes, rivers and streams abound in Imo state. Such water resources can be developed for irrigation practice. To do this, irrigation quality status of such waters must be established. This study determined the salinity and sodicity status of eleven rivers in Imo State with a view to classifying them according to their suitability for irrigation based on already existing standards for such classification. The result showed that seven rivers: Imo, Iyodo, Ogochie, Okitankwo, Oramiriukwa, Orashi, and Otamiri rivers were classified under the C1-S1 irrigation suitability class, while four rivers:  Abadaba, Mba, Nworie and Onuiyin were classified under the C2-S1 suitability class. Implications of these classes for the rivers in Imo State with respect to how they may be used for irrigation are spelt out.

Keywords: Surface water, Irrigation, Salinity, Sodicity

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