Biogas Production Potential of Calatropis Procera (Sodom Apple)

  • AU Birnin–Yauri
  • SM Dangoggo
  • CM Elinge
  • UA Birnin-Yauri
  • FA Atiku
  • A Abdurahman


The leaves and stems of Calatropis procera was digested under anaerobic condition to generate biogas. Cow dung was used as reference sample. Three digesters Calatropis procera leaves (CPL), Calatropis procera stem (CPS) and Cow Dung (CWD) respectively were used. Each contained 40g sample and 800 ml of water (i.e. 0.05 gcm-3 slurry concentrations). Physicochemical characterization of the digesters for percentage moisture content (%MC) ash content (%AC), volatile matter (%VM), Total Solid (%TS), and Carbon contents (%CC) were also carried out The pH varied from 6.8 to 7.1, the temperature fluctuated from 270C to 330C. The length of time taken was 84 days (12 weeks). The total volumes of biogas produced were 7,919, 5,490 and 4,384 cm3 for CWD, CPL and CPS respectively. The biogas production capacity order for the three samples during the 12 weeks period is cow dung > Calotrpis procera leaves > Calotropis procera stems. Physicochemical analysis on some parameters that affect the bioconversion process was also carried out.

Keywords: Calatropis procera, Bio-energy, cow dung, biogas, volatile matter

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eISSN: 1597-913X