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Lymphadenopathy - A prospective study

I Ali, R Iqbal


153 cases of lymphadenopathy were studied at secondary care level over a period of 4 years. A wide variety of causes were noted. About 33% of cases could be diagnosed only on clinical ground, while 67% needed to have either FNAC or a biopsy of the enlarged lymph nodes for diagnostic  confirmation. 7 % of cases remained undiagnosed. Infections due to  bacteria, virus, fungus and Tuberculosis were responsible for a large  number of cases  (73%).Another most important cause was metastasis from malignancy in the area of drainage or distant metastasis (13%). Primary tumors of Lymphoid
tissue Lymphoma and deposits due to Leukemia were about 5% and rest of them were miscellaneous causes like Rheumatoid Arthrits.

KEY WORDS:Lymphadenopathy, Lymph node biopsy, FNAC, Supraclavicular Lymph nodes, Generalized lymphadenopathy, localized lymphadenopathy

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