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Bilateral anomalies of renal pelves presenting with supernumerary left testicular vein

MY Mwashambwa, AP Gesase, IH Mwampagatwa, G Mchonde


The current observation presents a case of right duplicated renal pelvis and anomalies of right and left renal vessels. The duplicated pelves formed anterior and posterior segments which entered the renal substance separately and each had its own set of renal major calyces. The anterior segment appeared dilated, measuring about 1.3cm wide and was  associated with three major calyces. The posterior segment had a straight course and appeared narrower than the anterior segment; it measured 0.75cm wide and it was associated with one major calyx. Both anterior and posterior segments joined into a common channel that formed the ureter.
The left kidney was observed to have dilated triangular renal pelvis with a base measuring 4cm, it was associated with supernumerary testicular veins both which drained into the left renal vein. Congenital anomalies of the
renal pelvis can lead to pelvicoureteric obstruction, urinary tract infection, stone and cancer formation. Supernumerary testicular vein are very rare anomalies ad have been commonly observed in females than in the males. Ontological significance of such anomalies is not clearly known, but continuous documentation of congenital abnormalities of the urinary  system remains to be important in medical and surgical practice

KEY WORDS: Kidney, Renal pelvis, Testicular vein, Congenital anomalies

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