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Prevalence of noise induced hearing loss in textile industries in Morogoro and Dar Es Salaam

GE Ivera
SI Kimera
ED Karimuribo
AE Ngata
AV Kayumba


This cross sectional study measured the prevalence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in textile industries in Dar Es Salaam city and Morogoro municipality. Data were collected from 125 employees randomly
selected from each of the textile factory mill in each region through structured questionnaires and audiogram studies. The data were statistically analysed using Epi info 7 package. Descriptive analysis was done to derive the prevalence of NIHL among the employees regardless
of their exposure status. A logistic regression test was used to intepret results. Noise sampling was also done in each section and the outcome compared to the Tanzania Bureau of Standards requirements for workplace noise. The findings indicates that the overall prevalence of NIHL is 17.6% (95% CI 13.1-22.9%, n=250). The prevalence in Morogoro was 19.2% (n=125) and in Dar Es Salaam was 16% (n=125). Noise levels in the factory was also found to be above the allowable limits (85 to 99 dBA). It was also found that the privatisation of textile mills in Tanzania hugely affected their performance and thus there is a need to explore more the health of the workers and keep their records even when there is transfer of ownership as well as career change.

KEYWORDS: Noise induced, Hearing loss, Prevalence, Textiles