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Indigenous patterns of energy healing with special reference to Africa, India and China

S Edwards
M Hlongwane
J Thwala
N Robinson


The approach of this article is on energy healing as holistic, contextual and essentially psychological. In order to explicate common themes, various indigenous patterns of energy healing in Africa, India and China are examined. Core themes that emerge include views of the universe as an interrelated whole, of illness as a disruption or stagnation of energy  patterns, which need continual harmonisation for optimal health, and of a universal energy to which everyone has access, particularly via breathing and meditation techniques. Other themes include universal healing patterns such as dialogue, spirituality, shared worldview, communal context, cultural compatibility, common expectations, emotional arousal, information exchange, various healing approaches, resources, methods and techniques, individual, familial and social learning and change.

Keywords: Indigenous knowledge systems, energy healing, Africa, India, China.