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Indigenous drumming tradition in Abraka

Benjamin Obeghare Izu


Customarily, the drum is the main ingredient and depth of most African cultural life; the drums have been an integral part of African life for ages and for countless generations, an ancient instrument used to celebrate all aspect of life in most African communities. They play an immense role in Africa’s rich oral tradition. Through the drums, the emotions of an entire people are preserved.

The African indigenous knowledge culture is on the edge of annihilation. The practice of verbal knowledge preservation in Africa portend a great challenge to the indigenous music inheritance. This article aims to promote and preserve the indigenous knowledge of the Abraka people through its drumming tradition. Brief notes on the role of drumming and an introduction to the people who drum in the community, are provided. This article also details the manner in which people learn how to drum, discuss methods of learning, who teaches them and the techniques used. Traditional African drumming provides a basis for understanding the historical and cultural contexts of traditional drumming practices among the Abraka people and broadens cross-cultural awareness of artistic forms. Its intention is to promote indigenous knowledge scholarship and to inspire further creativity and preservation.

Keywords: African drum, Igede drum, Abraka people, drumming techniques, drum making.