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Collaboration and competition: the paradox of knowledge management

Sue Myburgh


paper presents a common view of KM as it is understood in a late or post-capitalist organisation which is typically virtual, intelligent and networked, and located in a wicked environment. A wicked environment as described by Yogesh Malhotra refers to an environment in which there is much change happening on a constant and rapid basis. This model is predicated upon a commodified view of knowledge and knowledge production, and relies significantly on information and communication technologies (ICTs). This model gives rise to a number of paradoxes which often cause the failure of KM projects, or, at the least, their transformation into something else. It is suggested that KM offers a number of perspectives that can assist organisations in many ways. However, KM cannot be successful if misunderstood, and simply grafted onto traditional late-capitalist organisational models.

Innovation No.27 December 2003: 37-48