Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology

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The Experience of Male Rape in Non-Institutionalised Settings

H Gertie Pretorius, Richard M Hull


The aim of this article is to describe the phenomenon of male rape from the victims’ perspectives. The methodology employed relied on transcendental phenomenology in order to create the rich descriptions of the lived experiences of three male survivors of rape. From the descriptions elicited
from the formulation of an open-ended question, it was discovered that the phenomenon of male rape has a dominant structure that is related to the destruction and reconstruction of the masculine self. The research also revealed several textural themes that include the characteristics of the assault, treatment and support that victims receive, the effects of the assault on the self, disclosure, the learning and life changes brought about by the assault, the victims’ feelings towards their assailants and the effect of the assault on the victims’ relationships. This study hopes to facilitate further descriptive research on the phenomenon of male rape in order that greater knowledge be gleaned and applied regarding its prevention and healing processes.

Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, Volume 5, Edition 2 December 2005
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