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Technical efficiency of irrigated vegetable production among smallholder farmers in the Guinea Savannah, Nigeria

S Ajijola, B.F. Babatunde, O.A. Egbetokunand, D.O. Awoyemi


This study was carried out to analyse the technical efficiency of irrigated vegetable production among smallholder farmers in the guinea savannah, Nigeria, and determine the cost and returns on irrigated vegetable production. Two-stage sampling technique was used, purposive selection of two states and three Local Government areas each from the two states where irrigated vegetable was predominant; and random selection of twenty irrigated vegetable farmers each from the three selected areas. A total of 120 farmers were interviewed with well-structured questionnaires. Data collected were subjected to analysis using descriptive statistics, stochastic frontier model, gross margin and net farm income. The study revealed that farm size, labour and fertilizer positively affect the technical efficiency of the farmers. The mean technical efficiency was 68.5 and vegetable farmers were not operating at the optimal level of technical efficiency. The net farm income per hectare of irrigated vegetable was estimated to be  ₦58,222/ha which represent88% profit on the invested capital. It is therefore concluded that irrigated vegetable farming was profitable and farmers have opportunity to improve on their technical efficiency in the area.

Keywords: Technical efficiency, Irrigated vegetable, Guinea savannah, Nigeria
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