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Comparative Egg Production, Quality and Hatchability in Three Chicken Genotypes under Humid Tropical Conditions

O.P Omoyara
M.O Abioja
O.S Iyasere
L.T Egbeyale


Comparative study on egg production and hatchability characteristics in Nigerian local (NL; n=24), FUNAAB-α (F-α; n=24) and Transylvanian naked neck (TNN; n=24) chickens aged 25 weeks old was carried out for 4 weeks. Three hundred and sixty hatchable eggs each were used for quality characteristics determination and for incubation. F-α had significantly (P<0.001) higher egg production (90.3%) than TNN (76.9%) while TNN was higher than NL (58.3%). Egg weight (EWT), length, width and surface area, albumen height, weight, percentage and index, shell weight, color and internal quality unit (IQU) were significantly (P<0.001) affected by genotype. These followed the pattern: NL<F-α<TNN. F-α and TNN had significantly (P<0.001) higher values than NL in egg shape index, yolk weight, height and diameter. Yolk colour index was significantly (P<0.01) higher in TNN than in F-α. Yolk percentage and yolk-albumen ratio followed the pattern: NL>F-α>TNN. NL had (P<0.001) thicker and higher shell percentage (SP) than F-α and TNN. Higher Haugh unit (HU) was recorded in TNN than in NL and F-α. Fertility was significantly (P<0.05) higher in F-α than in TNN. Hatchability was not (P>0.05) affected by genotype. Chick weight and chick: egg ratio were significantly (P<0.001) by genotype. TNN had higher chick weight and yield than F-α and NL chicks. In conclusion, F-α laid more eggs than others, exhibited higher fertility with longer chicks at hatch. TNN is superior in EWT, HU, IQU and chick yield. NL had higher SP than others.

Keywords: Egg production, Egg quality, FUNAAB alpha chicken, Hatchability, Transylvanian naked neck chicken.