Determination of Total Potency Equivalent Concentration (Tpec) of Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Cpahs) In Soils of Bodo-City

  • GN Iwuoha
  • J Nwigoo
  • MC Onojake
Keywords: TEQ, TEF, PEF, cPAHs, BaP, Bodo, risk assessment


The aim of this paper is to report the determination of Total potency equivalent concentration (TPEC) of Carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (cPAHs) in soil samples from Bodo area in Ogoniland  using the Toxicity Equivalent Factor (TEF) model. Gas Chromatography GC HP 5870 with FID was used for  analysis. Out of the seven cPAHs investigated only three were detected. They are Benzo (a) Pyrene (BaP), Dibenzo (a, h) anthracene and Indeno (1, 2, 3-cd) pyrene with soil concentrations of 19.06 mg/kg, 6.67 mg/kg and 29.26 mg/kg respectively. Their correspondingly individual potency equivalent  concentrations in soil (mg/kg) are 19.06, 0.67 and 2.93 respectively. Benzo (k) Fluoranthene, Benzo (a)  Anthracene, Benzo (b) Fluoranthene and Chrysene was not detected. The calculated TEQ or TPEC is  22.66mg/kg and this value by far exceeds the method B cleanup levels of BaP value of 0.137mg/kg, it suggests a massively contaminated soil. TPEC is 226.6 times higher than the method B and CAL-EPA risk-based cleanup value of 0.1mg/kg while Total cPAHs is 549.9 times higher than the risk-based cleanup value as indicated. This level of soil toxicity with respect to BaP indicates that the area should be declared a no-go area for humans and animals alike. We strongly  recommend the application of Dispersion by  Chemical Reaction Technology, should be deployed immediately in this area for total detoxification and  decontamination of the area.

Keywords: TEQ, TEF, PEF, cPAHs, BaP, Bodo, risk assessment



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eISSN: 2659-1502
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