Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Some physical and mechanical properties of African birch (Anogeissus leiocarpus) timber

A.A. Bello, A.A. Jimoh


The use of locally manufactured or waste materials in structural buildings without loss of performance is very crucial to the growth of developing countries. This report provides the results of some physical and mechanical property tests carried out on air dried African birch (Anogeissus leiocarpus) timber grown in Nigeria. Samples of the African birch timber were procured, naturally seasoned and their properties determined, in accordance with British Standard BS 373, for moisture content, specific gravity, and density while mechanical tests carried out are for tensile, compression and static bending. Strength values were obtained and further converted to 18% moisture contents (MC) which is the acceptable moisture content of timber to be used in Nigeria. The result of this experiment revealed that African birch timber possess a tensile strength of about 16% the strength of high yield steel and about 31% the strength of mild steel at 18% MC. Also, strength properties of African birch timber perpendicular to grain were found to be much lower than its strength properties parallel to grain.

Keywords: African birch; Grain; Property; Strength; Timber
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