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Microbial population of Staphyloccous aureus from inanimate surfaces in a general hospital environment in Rivers State, Nigeria

O.E. Agbagwa, C.Q. Onyebule


The isolation of Staphylococus aureus from inanimate objects in a General hospital in Rivers State was studied. Swabs were obtained from different sources comprising of; toilet seat, floor, switch, side rail bed, side rail chair, door handle, sink tap, bed spread, pillow case, and locker using the swab technique. High frequency of S. aureus was observed in toilet seat with perecentage distribution of 78%, followed by floor with percentage distribution of 70% and locker with percentage distribution of 65% and the lowest frequency occurence was observed in switch with percentage distribution of 30%. Frequency occurrence of S. aureus was 48.9% out of 50 isolates, indicating that antibiotics resistance pool especially betalactamase is to be widely available in the hospital environment and poor hygyine practices.

Keywords: Inanimate surfaces, Staphyloccous aureus, Vancomycin –resistant
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