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Physico-Chemical Quality of Elechi Creek in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

O Obire
D C Tamuno
S A Wemedo


A total of six hundred and sixteen (616) water samples were collected at seven stations from three zones (A, B, and C) of Elechi creek during an eleven-month's investigation. The samples were analysed for physico-chemical parameters including heavy metals. Higher concentrations of phosphate and BOD in zone B ranging from 2.3 to 9.0 ppm and 3.92 to 8.80 mgL-1 respectively were observed and this reflects the eutrophic condition of the creek water in that zone. Concentrations of ammonia, total dissolved solids and salinity were higher in the dry season while those of sulphate, phosphate and electrical conductance were higher in the rainy season. Satistical analysis using analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that, there were significant differences in concentrations of phosphate, total alkalinity, BOD, total dissolved solids, salinity and electrical conductivity at 5% level between the three zones of Elechi creek. These zonal differences were due to limited water exchange between the zones of the creek. The concentrations of heavy metals were generally low and no trends were observed along the stations of the creek. Except for iron (0.019 to 1.166 ppm) nickel (0.039 to 0.945 ppm) and zinc (0.002 to 4.345 ppm), the concentrations of the other heavy metals were within the range of less than 0.001 ppm to 0.718 ppm. The low concentrations of heavy metals may be due to lack of industrial discharges into the Elechi creek.

(Journal of Applied Sciences & Environmental Management: 2003 7(1): 43-50)

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eISSN: 2659-1499
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