Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Impacts of Organic Wastes on Water Quality of Woji Creek in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

CC Duru, UI Daniel, JN Ogbulie


The impacts of organic wastes contamination on water quality of Woji creek in Port Harcourt Rivers State were studied for two years. Surface water samples were collected monthly for the duration of two years at five sampling points using standard methods. The samples were subjected to physicochemical analyses based on temperature, pH, turbidity, alkalinity, conductivity, total dissolved solid, total suspended solid, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD, total organic carbon. Temperature range was found to be significantly higher in the dry season (27.92±0.21oC) than in the wet season (25.81±0.21oC). Conductivity measurement indicated significantly higher level in the dry season (20596.20±1737.37μs/cm) than in the wet season (9880.14±2878.49μs/cm). The findings of this study indicate that organic wastes are the major factors responsible for deterioration of the water quality of Woji creek.
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