Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Multiple Perturbed Collocation Tau Method for Solving Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations

AF Adebisi, AO Taiwo, AO Adewumi, KA Bello


The purpose of the study was to investigate the numerical solution of non-linear Fredholm and Volterra integro-differential equations by the proposed method called Multiple Perturbed Collocation Tau Method (MPCTM). We assumed a perturbed approximate solution in terms of Chebyshev  polynomial basis function and then determined the derivatives of the perturbed approximate solution which are then substituted into the special classes of the problems considered. Thus, resulting into n-folds integration, the resulting equation is then collocated at equally spaced interior points and the unknown constants in the approximate solution are then obtained by Newton’s method which are then substituted back into the approximate solution.Illustrative examples are given to demonstrate the efficiency, computational cost and accuracy of the method. The results obtained with some numerical examples are compared favorable with some existing numerical methods in literature and with the exact solutions where they are known in closed form.

Keywords: Nonlinear Problems, Tau Method, Integro-Differential, Newton’s method.
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