Physiochemical Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate from Open Dumpsites in Benin City Metropolis

  • AE Ikpe
  • IB Owunna
  • N Agho
Keywords: Leachate, Open dumpsites, Organic wastes, Contaminants.


Physiochemical assessment of leachate in three open dumpsites in Oluku, Uselu and New Benin in Benin City was carried out in this study using  standard methods. The pH of leachate sample from Oluku dumpsite was ultra-acidic (3.4) with electrical conductivity of 1650 μS/cm. However pH of leachate samples (7.4 and 8.6) collected from Uselu Market dumpsite and New Benin dumpsite were in the alkaline range with electrical conductivity of 8600 and 9800 μS/cm. The aforementioned approach was employed at distances of 2m and 5m from the mid-sections of these dumpsites and pH of leachate at a distance of 5m from the three were observed to be in the neutral range. The physiochemical analysis indicated the hazards of open waste dumping, as  leachate in these dumping sites contains ammonia, calcium carbonate, nitrate, sulphate and other heavy metals which can percolate and contaminate surface water and ground water thereby, causing negative effects on public health safety and the environment.

Keywords: Leachate, Open dumpsites, Organic wastes, Contaminants.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362