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Determination of selected air quality parameters in Zaria and its environs, Kaduna State, Nigeria

S.H. Nimyel, M.M. Namadi


The study determined some air quality parameters in Zaria and environs by monitoring the level of carbon monoxide, Sulphur (iv) oxide, Nitrogen (iv) oxide, and Hydrocarbon at five locations within the study area for eight weeks. The concentration of the gases was measured in part per million (ppm) using automatic hand held Crowcon- Gasman Detection Instrument (model number EExias IIC T3/T4 and EExia IIC T3/T4 with certificate number Ex 93Y 2078 X and Ex 93C 2069 X respectively) manufactured by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd England that employs a catalytic beard sensor for methane gas and electrochemical sensors for the other gas measurements. The average concentrations of the gaseous emission were ranged: CO (2.78 – 33.48 ppm) which was recorded to be above the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) threshold range of 10 – 20 ppm, NO2 (0.006 – 0.052 ppm) was found to be within the NAAQS limit of 0.04 – 0.06 ppm, SO2 (0.003 – 0.037 ppm) was within the NAAQS limit of 0.01 – 0.1 ppm and HC (0.005 – 0.038 ppm) which was found to be lower than the NAAQS limit of 0.05 ppm. The results indicate that the concentration of gaseous pollutants in the study area do not pose any major threat to the environment and humans.

Keywords: Air, Pollution, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur (iv) oxide, Nitrogen (iv) oxide, and Hydrocarbon

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