Effects of Weed Management System and Compost Manure on Plantain Yield in Agricultural Research Farm, AfahaNsit, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria

  • T.U.U. Ekpo
  • N.T. Ekpo
Keywords: Plantain, compost-manure, hand-slashing, sweet potato and egusi-melon


Weed infestation and continuous decline in soil fertility tremendously reduced plantain bunch yield. Consequently, field experiments were conducted in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 to examine weed management system and compost manure in plantain production in Agricultural Research Farm, AfahaNsit. Ten treatments were laid-out in randomized complete block design with three replicates. The treatments were sweet potato (10,000 plants/ha) plus three levels of compost manure (30, 35 and 40 t/ha); hand-slashing at two months interval plus the same three levels of compost manure; primextra (1.5kg ai/ha) plus egusi-melon (10,000 plants/ha) and sweet potato (integrated weed management) plus the same three levels of compost manure and control (weedy and no compost manure). Analysis of variance was carried out on data obtained on weed characteristics and plantain performance. Means were separated using Duncan Multiple Range Test at 5% probability level. The results showed that the treatment plot of primextra integrated withegusi-melon and sweet potato produced the least values in weed density, dry biomass and prolonged weed suppression followed by plot of sweet potato and hand-slashing at two months interval. The controlled treatment plot reduced plantain bunch yield (t/ha) by 93.3% in both planted and ratoon crops. The three levels of applied compost manure showed gradual increase in the growth, yield components and bunch yield of plantain in this order 40>35>30t/ha irrespective of the weed management system. The integrated weed management system, sweet potato and hand-slashing plus 40t/ha of compost manure are therefore recommended.


Keywords: Plantain, compost-manure, hand-slashing, sweet potato and egusi-melon


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