Haematological Parameters and Histomorphological Effect of Varied Parts of Citrullus Lanatus Juice Fed to Adult Female Mice

  • OA Iwalaye
  • VO Ekundina
  • A Oni
Keywords: Citrullus lanatus, haematology, histopathology, kidney, liver, mice


Plants basically will continue to be the starting materials in making modern drugs. As a result of this, many believe in using herbal products than convectional drugs because of their easy accessibility, low side effects and affordability. Citrulluslanatus (popularly known as watermelon) is a citrus fruit known to contain among others, citrulline and lycopene with hepatoprotective actions on organs such as liver and kidney because of it bioactive and antioxidant properties. This study investigates the haemathological parameters and histopathological effects of crude C. lanatus juice on the liver and kidney of mice. Twenty five female mice weighing between 72 - 99g were randomly divided into five groups (A - E) of five mice each. Group A, were given water (control); group B, were given 2ml of watermelon flesh juice; group C, were given 2ml of watermelon flesh and seed juice, group D, were given 2ml of watermelon flesh and rind juice; and group E were given 2ml ofwatermelon flesh, seed and rind juice once daily for four weeks. At the end of experiment, animals were sacrificed and dissected. Blood sample were taken through cardiac puncture, liver and kidney tissue were excised also to determine the haematological and histopathological effects using routine diagnostic techniques. Highest blood and differential counts except WBC were obtained in groups exposed to crude C. lanatus juice when compared with the control.The liver of animals in all groups appears normal with no remarkable differences from the control. Also, no remarkable differences were recorded in the kidney of animals in all groups except group E which showed interstitial edema with some renal tubules within the cortex undergoing degeneration. From this study and at the dose and duration of study, every part of C. lanatushad no negative impact on the histopathology of the liver and kidney and also had the potential to boost the immune system.

Keywords: Citrullus lanatus, haematology, histopathology, kidney, liver, mice


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