Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Determination of Sulphur (IV) Oxide in Ilorin City, Nigeria, During Dry Season

AR Amo, FA Adekola, IB Obioh


Ambient concentrations of sulphur (IV) oxide (SO2) have been determined in the city of Ilorin, Nigeria between mid February and mid Novembers 2003. SO2 levels were found to vary significantly with the traffic density and human activities. There was a significant difference (P = 0.05) between the SO2 concentrations at two sites (high and low traffic volume areas); however, there was no significant difference (P= 0.05) between high traffic/medium population density and medium traffic/high population density areas. The regression analysis indicated a strong correlation (r= 0.94) between the concentration of SO2 pattern and the hourly average traffic volume in all the sites. Average level found for the city was 59.3 ± 1.9ppb, which falls within the limits of the United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for air quality standards. Atmospheric pollution being one of the most dominant problems associated with urbanization, urban areas are associated with high density of industries and transport networks, among other infrastructure, which generate a wide range of air pollutants .@JASEM
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