Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Study of Cypermethrin Cytogenesis effects on Human Lymphocytes Using In-Vitro Techniques

CB Kalyan, N Rambabu, GH Phillip


The Cytogenetic effects of Cypermethrin a synthetic pyrithroid insecticide was investigated on human lymphocytes cultured in-vitro. Utilizing the trypan blue dye exclusion technique assay the LC50 of cypermethrin was found to be 36 uM. Based on LC50 value,  hypermethrin was found to be low toxic to lymphocyte culture. Cypermethrin showed an increase in the frequency of chromosomal aberrations and found to be significant. Karyotype analysis revealed more satellite associations and chromosomal breaks in cypermethrin treated samples. Low-doses of the pesticide also induced singlestrand breaks in the DNA as assessed by comet assay. The pesticide caused increase in the comet tail length with increase in pesticide concentration, implicating genotoxicity in somatic cells. It is concluded that In vitro assays could give important information of the mechanism of toxicity at low dosages and impact on genetic material of human origin
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