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Factors Influencing Degradation of Mercaptans by Thiobacillus thioparus TK-m (1)

A Adoki


Degradation of methylmercaptans by Thiobacillus thioparus TK-m was influenced by pH of the reaction medium. Ratios of headspace concentrations in empty vials and those of acidified buffer solutions
were less than 1.0. 95% of the H2S was in headspace with the remaining 5% in solution upon acidification. The values for MM were 80% in headspace and 20% in solution. Different buffer solutions also influence the rate of removal of mercaptans from reaction vessels. For methylmercaptan oxidase, using Tris/HCl buffer, the highest
level of oxygen uptake was recorded at pH 8.5. Mild changes in the pH levels were recorded at the end of the reactions. Compared to Tris/HCl buffer, phosphate buffer supports a significantly lower reactivity of MMoxidase towards methylmercaptan
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