Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Impact of salt stress on five varieties of Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars under laboratory condition

JK Datta, S Nag, A Banerjee, NK Mondai


The impact of salt stress under different salinity level  (0,25,50,75,100,125,150 mM NaCl ) on
five varieties of Wheat viz., HOW-234, HD-2689, RAJ-4101, RAJ-4123, and HD-2045 was conducted. The data showed that different level of salinity significantly affected the growth attributes by reducing root and shoot length for salinity below 125mM. Fresh weight and dry weight of root and shoot were reduced significantly with subsequent treatment. Regarding germination maximum germination was found in variety HD2689 in all the
treatments and maximum inhibition was found to be in case of HOW234 variety at 150mM salinity level. Regarding biochemical analysis the sugar, proline content increased with increasing salinity level where as protein
content decreased in the physiologically active leaves of different treatments for all the varieties of wheat
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