Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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In vitro Seed-dressing Technique for the Control of Seed-borne Fungi of Rice variety Faro -29

OFA Ibiam, CI Umechuruba, AE Arinze


Use of seed-dressing fungicides (Bavistin, Benlate, Fernasan-D, Apron Plus 50 DS and Dithane–M45), and soaking and slurry methods at various concentrations, for the control of seed-borne fungi of rice variety
Faro 29 in vitro, was investigated. The results obtained showed that all the fungicides significantly inhibited the seed-borne fungi associated with the seeds of the variety at concentrations of 40g/ml, and 50mg/ml (P<0.05), in the soaking method, and at all the concentrations in the slurry method (P<0.05).The mean percentage seed germination , was not below 71%,at all the concentrations in the two methods used . The relevance of this work to the production of rice and food security in Nigeria is discussed.
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