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Driver Compliance with Traffic Signal Indications in Two Ghanaian Cities

Yaw A. Tuffour, J. Asare-Bediako


Driver response to signal indications was monitored at a selected number of signalised intersections and signal-controlled pedestrian crossings within the Kumasi and Accra metropolitan areas. The objective of the study was to establish the scale of red-light running among drivers in the two cities. Out of 189,628 vehicle events monitored at a total of seven signal-controlled intersections and two signal-controlled pedestrian crossings in the two metropolitan areas, 9,985 constituted red-light running, i.e. globally, 5.3% of the drivers did not comply with signal indications. However, when the data was aggregated for each metropolitan area, the incidence of red-light running was higher in the Kumasi Metropolis (6.8%) than in the Accra Metropolis (4.4%). Drivers were more compliant at signal-controlled pedestrian crossings than at signal-controlled intersections and only marginally more compliant during the morning than the evening rush hours.
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