Timing, choice and duration of perioperative prophylactic antibiotic use in surgery: A teaching hospital based experience from Eritrea, in 2009

  • Y Yohannes
  • Y Mengesha
  • Y Tewelde


Background: The continuum from surgically clean, through antiseptic techniques to the use of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis has revolutionized surgical practice and significantly reduced morbidity. Adherence to use of prophylactic antibiotic guidelines varies in different set ups and different diseases. Objective: To document the practice of perioperative prophylactic antibiotic use in a teaching hospital in Eritrea Methods: This is a prospective study conducted in 2009 in Halibet Hospital, Asmara, Eritrea Results: One hundred and one patients were enrolled in the study. Sixty nine percent received prophylactic antibiotics. Of these, 30% were preoperatively and 39% postoperatively. Twenty one percent the majority of whom were in the clean/contaminated group did not receive the required prophylaxis. The surgery site infection rate was 6% mostly from emergency operations recognized during the period of hospitalization. Discussion and conclusion: The use of prophylactic antibiotics in Halibet Hospital needs to be standardized and monitored based on evidence and international benchmarks.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-6017
print ISSN: 1998-6017