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Determinants of immediate complications of abortion: A study done in Mekane Hiwet Maternity Hospital.

B Sebhatu, H Zerezghi, K Asrat, T Tsegai


Objective: to identify the main determinants associated with immediate complications of abortion. The
determinants (factors) studied were: delay in arrival to the hospital, delay in starting treatment, type of onset of
abortion (induced or spontaneous), gestation at onset of abortion, age, marital status, literacy and parity.
Design: A cross sectional descriptive study
Setting: Mekane Hiwet Maternity Hospital, Asmara, Eritrea
Subjects: 368 patients admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of abortion during a 3-month study period
(June 1st to August 31st of 2003)
Outcome measure: the proportion of early complications of abortion namely, heavy bleeding and infection.
Results: The main determinant factors identified to be associated with early complication of abortion were:
inducing the abortion (50% versus 21%), advanced gestational age at onset of abortion (31.9% versus 20.5%) and being unmarried (38.25 versus 20.2%). Furthermore it was found that when abortion was induced, it was being induced at an advanced gestational age making a deadly combination of the two risk factors.
Conclusion: The finding is in consistency with most studies on abortion done in Africa calling for a remedial
action to be taken to avert the need of inducing abortion unsafely and give the necessary post abortion care for
the victims.
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