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Adoption of homestead grain storage technology in the south-west agricultural zone of Nigeria

A.A. Abiodun, O.O. Oluwole, F.A. Adewumi, B.O. Ogundele, I.O. Bakare, S.A. Balogun, S. Ahmed, L. Agidi


The major types of grains and pulses that are stored in Ekiti, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Oyo, Ogun, Osun and Lagos states of Nigeria at homestead level are maize, guinea corn, rice, cowpea, Soya bean and groundnut. Bags, hermetic containers and room spaces are used for storage. The adoption of improved storage technology in hermetic containers, cold treatment, polythene lined bags and application of recommended chemicals was relatively low (45%) due to lack of/and inadequate knowledge of usage of these technologies, non-availability and high costs of storage inputs especially the recommended chemicals, and lack of awareness of the technologies.

The training and visits (T&V) System of the Agricultural Development Project (ADP) was found to be the most prevalent source of information to the respondents, followed by the radio. Increased use of interpersonal communication as well as prompt and adequate intervention by government in the provision of credit facilities and subsidy on storage inputs among others will enhance the rate of adoption..

[JEXT Vol.1(1) 2000: 82-88]
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