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Geomagnetic Storm And Its Effects On The Ionospheric Environment: A Case Study

TW David, VU Chukwuma, BO Adebesin, NO Bakare, AO Ayoade


Study and prediction of magnetic storms are becoming increasingly important as they have profound influence on human and societal life. Intense solar flares release very high energy particles that can be as injurious to human as the low energy radiation from nuclear blasts. Ionospheric storms can affect radio communications at all latitudes – some radio frequencies are absorbed and others are reflected, leading to rapidly fluctuating signals and unexpected propagation paths.
Other areas affected by geomagnetic storm include:
· Disruption of defense communication such as early warning radio system
· Erratic behaviour of air and marine navigation instrument
· Current surges in power lines, causing flickering lights and blackouts that result in damage
that attracts colossal amount of money.
Seeing that our environment is vulnerable to magnetic storm this paper presents the
interplanetary origin of an intense storm and the response of our ionosphere to it.

Keywords: magnetic storms, solar flares, current surges, ionosphere

Journal of Environmental Extension Vol. 7 2008: pp. 31-36
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