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Effect of length of fermentation on the functional characteristics of fermented cassava 'fufu'

O.B. Oyewole
S.L. Ogundele


Cassava clones 30572 was fermented to 'fufu' for different period of time ranging from zero hour to 96 hours. The quality of the 'fufu' produced as a result of different duration of fermentation was assessed. The fermentation processes were characterized with acid production but the level of acidification increased with the duration of fermentation. The yield of 'fufu', the bulk density and the dispersibility increased with increasing period of fermentation. When subjected to sensory evaluation, the preference of the panelists for the characteristic 'fufu' texture and odour increased with increased length of fermentation. Except for the 'fufu' made without fermentation ( 0 h), there was no significant difference in the colour of the 'fufu' fermented for different length of time. For all the attributes rated ( texture, odour, colour, overall acceptability), there was no significant difference between the 'fufu' fermented for 72 hours and 96 hours. A fermentation period of 72 hours was recommended for the production of good quality 'fufu' when using the cassava clone TMS 30572.

The Journal of Food Technology in Africa Volume 6 Number 2 (April-June 2001), pp. 38-40