Journal of the Ghana Institution of Engineers

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Evaluation Of A Multipurpose Tile Body Developed From Ghanaian Raw Materials

DMB Tetteh, KS Lartey


Aclay body developed from Ghanaian raw materials has been evaluated. Tile samples from this body were prepared by the semi-dry pressing technique and fired at different temperatures in order to determine the different firing properties. After soaking the samples at the temperatures for 30 minutes and cooling them to room temperature, strong differences in physical and mechanical properties and mineralogical composition were found in the samples fired between 1100 and 1230 C. The body has also been characterised to be feldspathic in nature. In order to correlate the sintering behaviour to their products, the European Union Standard EN 87: 1991 (BS 6431 Part 1: 1983) has been used to classify the tile samples. The body was found to have produced Group BIIa tile (wall tile) at 1180 Cand Group BI (floor tile) at 1230 C. It is suggested that the body is a multipurpose tile body. Keywords: Firing, Sintering, Mechanical Properties, Clays

Journal of the Ghana Institution of Engineers Vol. 5 (1&2) 2007: pp. 1-6

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