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Artisanal and modern processing of palm oil in Ghana

N. K. Mensah
G. S. Ayernor


Traditional palm oil processing methods and modern industrial processes are both contributing to the production of palm oil for food and other uses in Ghana. This study examined the processes of a traditional method (Bedo) and a modern technological process (TOPP) and compared the quality indices of the products of the two processes. Samples of oil at the various stages of the processes were taken and analysed for critical quality indices to compare the quality and stability of the oils. Results showed that the modern industrial process produced significantly (p = 0.05) better quality palm oil than the artisanal method, especially with regard to moisture content and susceptibility to oxidation.

(Journal of the Ghana Science Association: 2001 3(3): 85-90)

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eISSN: 0855-3823