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Weaning and establishment of pineapple (Ananas Comosus) plantlets in compost

P. Y. Adjei, P.G. Alderson


Plant establishment ex-vitro is one of the most difficult aspects of tissue culture (in-vitro propagation). The paper reports on establishment after treatment with two different auxins in-vitro. About ninety-nine (99) percent of the transported plantlets successfully established in compost. Spiny individuals increased with higher NAA concentrations but leaf density decreased with higher concentration of the auxin. Spinelessness, however, increased with higher IBA than its NAA counterparts, with the highest leaf number at 1 mg/L IBA. The extension/growth of the original shoot on both IBA and NAA media were not significantly different. The highest leaf expansion was recorded on the 0.5 mg/L NAA.

JOURNAL OF THE GHANA SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Volume 1 Number 1, July (1998) pp. 50-54
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