Tear secretions and the stimulating effects of 1% and 2% pilocarpine concentrations on dark iris black subjects

  • MO Emina
  • P Omokhua
Keywords: Pilocarpine, Schirmer’s strip, basal tear flow rate, temporary remedy, stinging


The aim of this study was to observe the effect of topical pilocarpine on tear flow rate. Schirmer’s strip was employed in the measurement of tear flow rate. There was a significant difference between the basal tear flow rate and that obtained after the instillation of 1% pilocarpine (critical t = 1.96 and calculated t = 3.52) and 2% pilocarpine showed also a significant
difference with the basal tear flow rate (calculated t = 6.46). There was no significant difference in the initial tear flow rates between the sexes in the examined population. There was a significant difference between 1% and 2% pilocarpine effects on tear flow rate (calculated t = 3.11), at 95% confidence level. It was observed that tear flow rate decreased with age and the use of topical pilocarpine served as temporary remedy in increasing tears secretion. The age groups between 31 years and above were more tolerant to the stinging effect of pilocarpine.

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eISSN: 0855-3823