Review article: Autonomous neural inflammatory reflex and control of innate immunity: Toward innovative treatment of uncontrolled inflammation

  • M.Z. Sabitu
  • D.Z. Egah
  • A.S. Dahal
  • Y. Mohammed
  • M.K. Aliyu
Keywords: Autonomous, Inflammatory reflex, vagus nerve, immunomodulation, therapeutic modalities


Inflammation is common pathology associated with infections and other diseases process that lead to non specific sickness behaviours. Identification of autonomous neural inflammatory reflex that is regulated through autonomic nervous system and their receptors give a way forward on how this can be use as therapeutic measures in the treatment of uncontrolled inflammatory disorders.We review the available articles within our reach on neuroimmunology and its rol e in regulating the inflammatory response in disease process with emphasis on possible therapeutic modalities. The nervous system reflexively regulates the inflammatory response to infectious agents and in other disease process, cytokine networks and neural autonomic pathway through vagus nerve monitor inflammatory status and coordinate appropriate host defences. Immunomodulatory stimulation of vagus nerve, acetylcholinesterase inhibitory mechanism and 7 nAChR receptor expressed on immune cells plays a role on autonomous neural inflammatory reflex. This can be therapeutically applied in the treatment of inflammatory uncontrolled disorders.
Aim of the study: To review developing concept of neurological role in the regulation of innate immunological reaction to infections in relation to autonomic nervous system and highlights the therapeutic application of the concept. To understand the concept of immunomodulation in management of certain inflammatory disorders.

keywords: Autonomous, Inflammatory reflex, vagus nerve, immunomodulation, therapeutic modalities


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eISSN: 2006-0734
print ISSN: 2006-0734